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Hello everyone, hope you all are safe from the covid19 pandemic by staying at home. Almost everyone is eagerly waiting for the end covid19 as well as the end of Lockdown. In our previous blog, we have discussed the practices that one should do to protect your car in lockdown period. As a second part of the post, since the lockdown period will soon come to an end – Boby Auto, the No.1 car service centre in Dubai is providing some safety measures before you take your vehicle out.

Our cars are not meant to sit for long and idle; they are meant to be used. But it’s not applicable in situations like this. We can care our car to an extent as we have said in our previous blog. But before taking your car out, one should take in the note for certain factors. 

When we kept our car for so long, parts and some components gets rusty. As well as the fluids used inside the engine and transmissions get to break down. These can lead to several maintenance issues to your vehicles. In this blog, we are about to discuss some must do checkpoints before taking your car out. 

1. Engine Cabin Checkup.

The first round checking includes the examining of engine e cabins. Since the car is not taken for long, insects and small animals like birds have chances of making your car into their new home. Their best can be of dry grass or leaves which can catch fire due to hot engine. Also, this makes difficulties for the engine air intake. Kinds of Stuff like these nests, leaves, and derbies in the cabin grill should be cleaned. Else the engine will overheat on start.

Also, make sure the wiring through the cabin is safe from the attack of mice or any other insects.

2. Tyre Pressure

Tyre pressure is next checkpoint to go through. Never drive a car without proper air in the tyre. If the tyre pressure is lower than normal, your car is not fit to ride in public. A tyre with low air pressure is too dangerous that the driver won’t even have the total control of the vehicle. So you are putting your life and others life into risk by doing so.

3. Engine Oils

Engine oils are the next highly important ingredient in the wellbeing of your car. In this lockdown, your engine sits long enough so as the engine oil drips drains to the bottom pan. This makes the cylinders dry from oils. This makes wear and tears on the cylinders making errors in the performance. 

So, let us check some crucial fact for the engine oil side. Before starting the engine; check out the engine oil count, colour and the appearance. If you feel like your engine oil becomes odd – change it immediately or contact Boby Auto -the best car service centre in Dubai. We are always there for you providing further instructions.

If your engine oil is ok, start your engine and never raise the engine using your accelerator. Accelerating your car at the startup harm the cylinder and hence low performance. For the first few minutes, lets your engine runs at idle speed. This allows the spreading of engine oils to different part making it lubricate.

4. Check the coolant

The engine coolant, most commonly seen as green in colour should be checked. Any colour change in the coolant indicates its health. Bad coolant fails to cooldowns the engine parts and also make it forms rust in the internal parts. Coolant is crucial for maintaining the engine from overheating. Its recommend changing the coolant after this lockdown. Coolant is low cost but highly effective in many ways.

5. Break and Brake fluid

Before going out with your car -check out the performance of your break. First – mark the engine oil level. Check the weather any leakage happens on the break fluids at the wheels. While this vehicle is in idle condition, the performance of break can delay due to rust and improper plumbing of the fluids. Before taking your vehicle into the public – test your braking system working perfectly by applying it at lower speeds. This implies the flow of breaking into an optimal level.

If your car passed all these simple five steps – you can now go in your car anywhere.

In any case, facing any type of car troubles in Dubai – get in contact with Boby Auto – the best ever car service centre in Dubai