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In earlier blogs, we’ve discussed various techniques that can be done by ourselves. I.e., the maintenance and repair works that can be handled by yourself. In this blog, we are trying to share something new. We’ll find out the different types of repair works you should not do and are to be carried out only by an expert mechanic. By the end of this write-up, we’ll let you know the top centre for car paint repair in Dubai.

Without any due, let’s start…

It is to be noticed that, proper care and maintenance should be given to your automobile during regular intervals. Even if you give certain maintenance works to your mechanic, don’t need to worry about how expensive they are. Because the amount you invest for a perfect repair work never makes a loss.

Now let’s find out some of the repair works that need help from an expert
  • AC recharging and repairing works
  • Replacement of the windshield
  • Works on Timing Belt
  • Mounting/Balancing Tires
  • Bodywork

There are plenty of other works. But, in this blog, we are including 5 among them.

Now let’s discuss each of them in detail.

AC recharging and repairing works

For a normal person, the AC system in the car seems to be a simple system. Truly speaking, the AC system is one of the most complicated systems in the automobile. Many types of issues can pop up from this single system. Some of them are freon leaking, malfunctioning of compressors, breakage of the fan grid, etc. It is always recommended to solve this issue with the help of experts.

Replacement of the windshield

Another issue is with the windshield. Any damage if occurred to the windshield, always seek help from a trained mechanic. A slight difference in the fitting can create lots of problems ahead. We particularly request you to visit a mechanic since this task requires the utmost care.

Works on Timing Belt

The timing belt is an essential part of the engine which requires change due to the regular usage of the vehicle. Therefore, this task cannot be managed by a person who has no/less knowledge of the mechanism of the automobile. A slight variation in the work can affect the functioning of the engine in a great manner.

 Mounting/Balancing Tires

When it comes to the tires, to replace them can be considered as a normal job. But, if you are mounting a tire to the rim, or even balancing your tires, it seems to be quite a difficult task which requires the help of an expert mechanic.

Body Work

For an automobile, the appearance matters a lot. We’ve got a blog which shares all about car painting. Click here. Repairing the body of your car is quite expensive and it might end up into a mess if you give less care. So, the best practice is to get assistance from the best mechanic.

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