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In the absence of proper vehicle parts including tires, the behavior and performance of automobiles won’t be good. Great complexity is held for the tires, starting from its designing part. Initially, we find tires as one of the simplest things on a vehicle. But the fact is that tires play a crucial role in a vehicle. Generally speaking, wheels are not just wheels. We’ll help you find out what they are from a different perspective.

In this blog, we’ll be discussing particularly the wheel bearings.

How many of you have detailed knowledge of wheel bearings?

Well, that will be quite less. It is an important factor for a driver to not have a general but detailed knowledge regarding the vehicle parts. Wheel bearings are used to increase the spin of wheels.

Let’s check out how a wheel and the bearings associated with it actually works:

It holds a set of steel balls on a metal ring called “race”. This functions under the principle of friction. You can see a hollow space at the center of the wheel which is called the “hub”. Inside the hub lies wheel bearings which are connected to a metal shaft. This mechanism reduces friction while the wheel rotates.

The wheel bearing hardly gets enough lubrication from the external sources. Therefore, for the proper functioning of these bearings, they should be kept tight in such a way that dust particles and dirt don’t fill those gaps. Another important thing is that the entire weight of the vehicle is been carried out by these bearings. This is why the bearings find difficulty when being through potholes and poor roads.

Therefore, most of the wheel bearings need to be replaced at some point in time in between the lifecycle of a vehicle. But how can you find out the time to replace your vehicle’s wheel bearings? Either you need to inspect it with an experienced mechanic. Before examining it with a mechanic, create an idea by yourself on the same issue.

Let’s find out the key points to be kept in your mind while checking for a wheel bearing replacement.

DO NOT ignore the screaming of your vehicle:

The humming sound produced by your vehicle can be due to a bad wheel bearing. Once you notice such noises from your vehicle, do not ignore it. You may have a look through one of our blogs which describes more on this.

Not humming even growling noises create issues:

The growling sound of wheel bearings are often considered as the signature sound produced during its mal-function. Therefore, they should be considered fairly. It changes with the speed of the vehicle.

Don’t get confused with different noises:

Based on the sound produced by the vehicle, don’t categorize it generally under wheel bearing issues. Few among them are listed below;

  • Howling sound while accelerating: Issue with the gears
  • Howling sound while deceleration: Issue based on loose pinion-bearing preload

After going through the above-described note, you will be now clear on the fact that any sort of issue with the wheel bearing will surely affect the overall vehicle comfort. They not only affect the vehicle parts but the safety of the travelers as well.

Always keep in your mind, your minute carelessness might be the reason to spoil your happiness greatly. So as to avoid such issues, the best practice is to have a proper check-up to your vehicle at regular intervals. For the people in and around UAE, we have good news for you. We at Boby Auto Garage offers the top Car Repair and Maintenance in Dubai. For the safety and happiness of your family, choose Boby Auto Garage.

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