Car Service Dubai - Boby Auto Garage

During a Car Service, there are a lot of things we must consider. At Boby Auto Garage, You don’t need to worry about the service that we are providing. Let’s see which are the things you must consider and why Boby Auto Garage Car Service Dubai stands out.

Work order / worksheet

It is standard practice to prepare a worksheet regardless of which station you deliver your car for service. When servicing your car, you should point out all the faults that need to be fixed. Always check your car thoroughly.

Documents / Belongings / Toolkit / Boot

To be on the safe side, it is recommended that you remove all documents (mainly RC, car insurance, etc.) from your glove compartment. Keep the Service Registration Manual (User Manual) even if it is for a paid service. Remove the toolkit and other personal belongings namely; Removable luggage / dolls / accessories from parcel tray / trunk area.

Remove all removable drives. Make sure there is no CD / USB in the slot. Separate the woofers (if detachable). If this is not possible, you can ask the service advisor to mention it on the worksheet to make sure it is not lost while the car is being repaired. Leave the jack, jack handle, and tool kit at home or ask your service advisor to write it down.

At Boby Auto Garage, you don’t need to worry about anything because our service executives provide utmost care for your belongings

Fuel level

Make sure the fuel level is marked on the worksheet to avoid misuse of fuel. Avoid servicing your car with more than 40% fuel.

Odometer reading

Write down your odometer readings right after you arrive at the service center and record it on the invoice/note.

This will tell you later if the car was driven more than necessary while at the service center.

Tire condition / Wheel rotation and balance

Take a look at the tires/wheels before you deliver your car, especially if your tires are new. If you perform rotation and alignment in conjunction with service, mark the tires to make sure they are turned and request alignment reports. Make a note of (tread wear) on your spare tire.

If possible, leave a small mark. If your tires are filled with nitrogen, inform the service manager.

Road test

If you have a major problem to fix, it’s best to do a test drive with your service advisor and make sure the problem is truly understood, no matter how small. Most of the time, it’s the smaller problems that compound and make problems even worse than they really were in the first place.

So by now, we hope you got why people always prefer Boby Auto Garage Car Service Dubai over any other center in this country. Our care for your vehicle is unmatchable. Visit us for more.