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There is nothing more important to a proud car owner than keeping their beloved car in top condition – bonnet to bonnet. Cars are often treated like family members. While it is true that a car is a machine, it still needs committed attention to perform at its best. Here we, Boby Auto Garage going to play a pivotal role as the #1 center for car repair in Dubai.

In this read, experts at Boby Auto Garage are going to give you a brief idea of how to maintain your car well. Let’s see how.

Follow good hygiene

For some people, eating and drinking in the car is a big no-no. It is an understandable rule when considering that food crumbs could fall on the carpet, between the seats and the grooves, etc. And since the car cabin is a closed environment, stale odors will linger if the windows are closed. Also, the smell of food could attract pests!

Check the air conditioning and heater

A malfunctioning air conditioner or heater can be a problem with big repercussions. If you don’t check and repair a malfunctioning air conditioner for too long, it will lose its cooling power and eventually become even more damaged. It could cause the compressor to overheat or burn out, resulting in higher repair costs.

Don’t ignore dim or faulty headlights

Driving at night with the headlights off or defective is extremely risky. So if your headlights are not working as they should, don’t delay in checking them. Sometimes a weak battery can manifest dim or flickering lights or lights inside the car. Addressing this as soon as possible is essential to ensure your safety on every trip.

Align your wheels

If your car tends to drift to one side, whether it’s while accelerating, braking, or hitting a pothole, you likely have a misaligned wheel. Not only is this bad for safety, but it could also wear your tires unevenly. To correct this, it is best to visit a service center and balance the tires and eliminate wheel vibrations. Also, remember to maintain the correct tire pressure when driving. These simple practices can help your tires last longer.

Check the status of the suspension

The suspension of your car is essential because it keeps your tire in contact with the road, giving you the best grip and therefore the best safety. If the suspension starts to make strange creaking or clicking sounds, it needs attention. Preventive maintenance is the name of the game here, so it is imperative that you get your car repaired on time. 

Make a visit to Boby Auto Garage now and experience our service. We are the #1 center for car repair in Dubai.