Car Repair Dubai

Hello everyone, I hope you start practicing the points we share with you in the previous blog about an oil change. We know that maintaining a vehicle, especially a car, is very expensive and, by avoiding it, can save a lot of money. Wondering how? Consult Boby Auto, # 1 center for car repair in Dubai.

As we mentioned, you can avoid frequent maintenance very easily by adding something small to your daily routine. I wonder what? Establish a connection with a car repair center in Dubai, such as Boby Auto Garage. So let’s take a look at the precautions you can take.

Skipping maintenance and regular inspections

It is no secret that car repair can be expensive and time-consuming, but skipping maintenance actually leads to higher costs and wasted time. Every maintenance step is critical for the longevity and reliability of your car. Oil changes can be annual, but don’t forget to check the oil level at least once a month. Similarly, tire pressure varies with the season and decreases over time. Check and adjust tire pressure weekly.

Ignoring the warning lights

Since your vehicle cannot speak, it uses warning lights and messages to inform you about the status of your vehicle. Warning lights for the tire pressure, oil pressure, brake system, and engine check light control system may be the only indication that your car may be in a failure mode or not. It is safe to drive. Driving with the warning lights on may result in higher refueling costs, excessive emissions, vehicle damage or a crash.

Using the wrong fluid

Too heavy and runs the risk of higher engine loads, higher fuel consumption and high-level oil components that starve to death. Too light and you run the risk of insufficient oil pressure and burning oil beyond the rings (older engines may benefit from heavier oil for worn-out bearings and rings). Similarly, the use of brake fluid, engine coolant, transmission fluid or differential fluid may cause poor performance and damage. 

Manufacturers spend a lot of time determining how to assemble their vehicles, even how tight fasteners should be. This is generally so that the piece can be assembled quite easily without crumbling during use. Some nuts and bolts are also important to ensure sealing. Tightening something “until it feels good” is a recipe for leaks, broken bolts, deformed parts, and other problems.

Ignore safety precautions

When working with tools and vehicles, there are many ways to get hurt. Wearing safety glasses can prevent eye injuries when using a hammer, chisel, drill or when it comes to hot fluids. The use of earplugs can limit the damage to your hearing using strong power tools. Gloves can prevent chemical burns or painful abrasions. Jack stands can prevent your own vehicle from crushing it.

Car repair savings

We all want to save money, but cheap parts or the cheapest mechanic may not be the best method. The original and OEM parts are usually the most expensive, but they are also made specifically for your vehicle. The aftermarket parts may fit or require an adjustment to fit, and may not work as well as the original. Even so, some parts of the aftermarket are better than the original ones, so it is a good idea to consult with a reliable mechanic. Competent car repair shops may charge more, but training and experience within their walls easily justify the price.