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Boby Garage offers you the best car maintenance services like the oil change Dubai. So in this read, we’ve decided to share the- “Importance of oil change”.

Engines are made up of many moving parts, and these parts need to be properly lubricated to avoid damage. Oil in the engine does this vital function. 

So, doing an oil change on a regular interval is always a necessity.

Let’s get in-depth about the importance of doing an oil change. 

  • Maintains good engine lubrication- Imagine all the moving parts, pistons, valves, and other engine parts moving at high rates of speed under the hood of a car.

And, these components create a good amount of heat & will wear down the engine dramatically without proper oil lubrication. 

Always make sure you refer to the owner’s manual in order to see what specific weight and grade of oil the vehicle requires & ensure that it is kept at the recommended fill volume.

  • Oil-change cools the engine components- As the parts are moving so they lack proper lubrication & create friction, which in turn creates heat. 

And, maintaining clean and sufficient amounts of oil is one of the perfect solutions to prevent too much friction and over-heating of the engine while moving.

  • Removes the engine to wear particles and sludge- Well all know that the dirt particles are deadly to engines. And, over time, the dirt can cause corrosion and decrease the life of an engine.

 And, also as time passes, the oil breaks down and turns to “sludge.” And with routine oil and filter changes help you to remove particles and sludge & thereby helping you to keep the engines best condition.

  • Oil changes improve gas mileage- A vehicle with poor engine lubrication results in increased fuel consumption, so make sure there is enough clean oil in the engine.

With routine oil changes & the right kind of oil, gas mileage can be improved over time by 1-2%. 

  • Promotes vehicle longevity- One line to justify this statement with simple & routine maintenance your vehicle lasts longer. 

The buildup from dirty oil reduces the vehicle’s fuel economy & power which makes internal components to work harder. But, with a simple oil change, you can make things work for you & for your vehicle. 

From the above, you’ve understood the importance of oil change.

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