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It is said that for every two Dubai residents, there is one car. Which means around 50% of people in Dubai are using cars as an important part in their daily life. But what will happen when the efficiency of your engine goes down day by day? It will be high time for an oil change. And we, Boby Auto Garage help you by providing the service of oil change in Dubai.

Through the long-time experience with the vehicle, most of you might know about the signs when your engine needs an oil change. But there are many people who are still not aware of it. So this read is for them. Also, we will try to make you understand the importance of the most trusted oil change in Dubai by Boby Auto Garage.

Signs your engine shows when it needs an oil change

Let’s start by pointing out some of the signs when the engine needs an oil change to work in a more efficient and economical manner.  

Dark or dirty oil

Regular checking of the color of the oil of your vehicle is always good. The clean oil has an amber color and is free of dirt. It is common for oil to get darker over time, but when it is dark brown or black, it is time to change the oil and it will help in preventing damage to your engine from old or dirty oil.

Reduced fuel economy

Have you started noticing that you are frequently filling the fuel tank and not getting the proper mileage?  When your engine is not properly lubricated, it can no longer operate at an optimal level. Your vehicle has to work harder to produce the same speed or power, which reduces fuel efficiency.

Overheating of engine

Your vehicle’s engine pumps oil everywhere to help in the lubrication process of engine parts to avoid friction while doing its job. When the oil is no longer doing its job, then metal to metal friction can occur. more friction produces more heat. Don’t forget to monitor the temperature of the engine by using the dashboard indicator

Louder Engine, Improper noise

The clean oil provides a thin barrier between the engine parts that protect against direct contact of metal-to-metal which keeps the engine noiseless during travel. However, when the liquid begins to decompose, it does not lubricate the parts, so it will tend to make a loud noise in the absence of lubricants. And this is the worst-case scenario when your vehicle urgently needs an oil change.

Ticking sounds while starting

The moment the engine starts, the oil moves through the different parts. When the oil is dirty, it may take longer and more effort to move the oil. Sometimes this might cause noise while you start the engine and warms up. This sound comes from valves inside the engine which work harder to move dirty oil to every part. This is also a notable oil change signal you can consider.

Whenever you notice any one of these issues, it is highly recommended to go for an oil change in Dubai by spending some time from the busy schedule for your vehicle. Boby Auto Garage will responsibly take care of your vehicle. As mentioned above we will come up with a new read on the importance and advantages of frequent oil changes for the engine soon.