Car AC Repair Dubai

We know driving with the windows down can have a similar effect on a car engine and subsequently on the gas tank. So it is a essential to choose best Car AC Repair in Dubai and for that Boby Auto Garage is here for you!!!

According to the Society of Automotive Engineers, using air conditioning instead of rolling down the windows is actually the most fuel-efficient option when driving at speeds of about 60 mph or more. So why does it seem like your A / C is constantly draining your tank?

Here are some things to consider while deciding when to use your air conditioner.

• Vehicle size: While it is true that most smaller cars have better overall gas mileage, cars with smaller engines, such as 4-cylinder ones, have to work harder to generate the electricity needed to cool down the vehicle. In these cars, it might be more efficient to drive with the windows slightly cracked and with the fan, rather than the air conditioning on.

• Trip type: If you plan to make a lot of stops and drive around town, it is more fuel-efficient to leave the air outdoors and the windows down. Keep speed and drag force in mind though, as we’ve already covered how it affects engine performance and MPG levels.

• Maintenance frequency – Like any other part of your car, the air compressor and the system that works to cool your car should be checked regularly to produce the best results. When you go for scheduled maintenance, be sure to ask about air conditioning service plans/specials and have your climate control system checked.

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