Boby auto garage– car repair Dubai is back with yet another interesting topic-  Tips to avoid car trouble in Dubai. We all know that summer begins around the end of April & last till October.  

It’s summer in the UAE, & we all suffer from some common problems when it comes to our car- 

  • Tyre going flat. 
  • Tyre blowout.
  • Engine not getting started. 

So, here are some of the tips from our end- Boby Garage

Getting an official service contract- It’s always good to extend your warranty it may look expensive & unnecessary for you but will give you several more years of peace of mind. One of the biggest benefits of having an extended or active service contract is that dealer professional will call you every in every 6 months to remind you about the pending services.  

Check your car treads on regular intervals- Check your car treads & check if they’re flat. If yes then get it changed without wasting time. 

If your tyres are bald then there is a chance of tyres blown out, losing grip on the roads. Always prefer a reputable brand for your tyre.

Check if your AC is dodgy- It’s summer and no one want to go out without switching on AC. And, just imagine your AC starts smelling or slowing down a bit.  In most, cases you only need to change the gas. 

So, if a mechanic tells you to go for a thorough checkup always do a double-check with other garages. And, in Dubai, you’ll get the most trustworthy mechanics at one place & it’s Boby Auto Garage. 

Oil change- Get your oil changed on regular intervals is always a healthy practice so always pay attention to car manual this will help you get an idea about the oil change. 

Tyre Pressure- Most of us ignore the tyre pressure. How many of us know that the car with low tyre pressure will use more oil. Always do a tyre pressure check by referring your owners manual & check what’s the ideal pressure for your tyres. 

Battery monitoring – Check signs of leakage & if leakages are on contact points then clean it with a simple battery brush. When you choose a battery for your vehicle always choose the branded ones. 

Double-check if the lights are working – In Dubai if you’re lights are not working then you’ll get charged for the same. So, always check lights and fix them as a priority. Buying the right bulb also makes the difference so choose the bulb suitable for your car model. 

Fuel conception monitoring- Most of us are really not bothered about fuel as petrol is relatively cheap in the UAE. But, it’s always worth to keep an eye on the same as it could be a sign indicating that there is something wrong with the car. 

Taking care of your car is the same as taking care of your kids. If you look after them properly they would b at their best shape & condition or else they will give your trouble. 

And, if you feel any of these above listed is giving you trouble now you know where to go it’s us Boby auto garage- the synonym for car repair Dubai.  

We help cars to maintain the best condition with the help of our well experienced & trained mechanics in Dubai.