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We’d gone through various discussions regarding car repair, car maintenance, oil change, car paint repair… But did we go through how well can we maintain the paint of our automobile? Therefore, we can have a quick tour of this topic. And also we’ll let you know the best centre offering No.1 car painting in Dubai by the end of this read.

So why waiting? Let’s begin!

Well, how many among you believe that car paint has no role at all in the functioning of a car? For those people, we’ll remind you by saying the fact that paint prevents rusting. What is the importance of car paint? The main aspect lies in another factor. It is the paint that completes the appearance of an automobile.

How well can we make it cool?

Always keep in your mind that after having a proper car painting, your car gets a fresh look. It even creates a newly bought feeling. Also, when you are about to have a paint repair works for your automobile, as an owner, you’ll try to give the best look to your vehicle. Isn’t? Once your car gets into the running phase, it is a quite risky task to maintain its appearance. Yet it is not an impossible one. As an owner handling your vehicle, by following certain techniques you can maintain the aesthetics for your car.

#1. Give proper time for that “perfect car wash”

     After the painting is carried out to your car, give time for a proper car wash. Always keep in your mind that don’t use normal soap solution for your first car wash. Make sure you use a high-quality solution during the car wash. Also, use a soft cloth for the removal of dirt from the surface of the vehicle.

#2. Book a shady space for your car

    It is always a good practice to find a shady and cool place for parking your car. After the car wash, prevent direct exposure to sunlight. Don’t entertain quick drying by means of sunlight 🙂

Now it’s time to discuss the various techniques for paint cleaning.
  1. Compound: After the removal of dirt, the immediate thing is to apply the compound. When it is rubbed on the scratches over the vehicle body, it smoothes those areas.
  2. Wax: Once you are done with the compound, you can then have wax for your vehicle. It is used to add a shining layer to your car.
  3. Glaze: The glaze is similar to that of the compound. It is used to give a shine to your car. They also eliminate haze. Since glaze lack in having protective layers, it is always preferred to use after the application of wax.

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