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People out there… This time we’ve got a different yet interesting topic to discuss. When talking about how to identify the faults in your automobile, the major thought that pops up to your mind is the problem with unbalanced tires. Once you are planning for a trip, you will immediately have thought about the status of the alignment of tires. Well, in this write-up we are planning to include the symptoms of unbalanced tires. Also, we assure you that, by the end of this blog, we’ll help you find out the best centre for car repair and maintenance in Dubai.

Before your car touches the ground, you have to make sure that its tires are properly aligned and no mistakes are existing. For assuring things like this, systematic and periodic car maintenance should be carried. Once your car is subjected to any sort of repair works and then your mechanic asks you whether a wheel alignment checkup should be carried out, the majority of the people say NO. You might be thinking that the mechanic is trying to increase their business. But the actual scenario is something different.

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Let’s check out the various symptoms of unbalanced tires.

  1. Issues with the steering
  2. Poor shock and Bearings
  3. Unequal Tyre wear
  4. Poor fuel economy
  5. Vibrations

Now let’s check out each symptom in detail;

Issues with the steering:

We all know the fact that it is the steering that controls the tires. If any sort of malfunctioning has happened to the tires, it automatically affects the steering as well. Difficulty in handling the car during taking diversions, turns, etc. As a result, the situation gets tougher. It may even lead to road accidents. Therefore, once you face any issues with the steering of your automobile, you can have a wheel align checkup.

Poor shock and bearing:

Once your wheels aren’t properly aligned, it is the shock and bearings who will be suffering the most. The entire components related to the wheel will be feeling the same threat. Under such situations, wear and tear occur. As a result, you may be forced to change the entire components. Which makes an extra expense. Therefore, poor shock and bearing can be considered as a symptom of unbalanced tires.

Unequal Tyre wear:

Compared to the rest of the symptoms, this situation can be checked visually. By finding out the condition of the tire, you can easily find out the status of the tire. If you find worn tires, it is best to replace them with new ones. If you don’t have the budget to get a new one, then temporary patch works can be made on it.

Poor fuel economy:

Once you have unbalanced tires, it creates lots of stress to your vehicle engine. This leads to the poor fuel economy thereby the overall performance of your vehicle is affected. Therefore, if you find any kind of inconvenience like poor fuel economy, it might be a symptom for uneven tires.


Among the above-mentioned symptoms, vibrations are one of the early symptoms of uneven tires. A slight variation in the tires firstly affects the steering which has direct contact with wheels. This gradually affects the engine of the vehicle. And finally ends up in the malfunctioning of the entire automobile.

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Once your car is subjected to a car repair work, always try to include a wheel alignment checkup regularly. From the above-mentioned symptoms, it is now clear that a slight difference in your wheels can affect the overall functioning of your vehicle. Now the immediate question is that, where can you get the best car repair and maintenance in Dubai?

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