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For various reasons, car overheating can happen. This write-up is all about car overheating. This time, we will be discussing mainly about those various reasons. Once you have an idea regarding the issue causing scenarios, then you can easily figure out the real problems and even makes the job of your mechanic smooth thereby save your pocket.

Your car can overheat while you prefer a journey at low speeds. It can happen if the vehicle speed is in high rate as well. Overheating can occur for a stopped car also.

Firstly let’s look through the issues that arises when the car is stopped.

When the coolant level is low

Most of the automobiles hold correct amount of coolant in an acceptable level during the high rate spinning of the water pump while the vehicle is in the running mode. But when the vehicle stops, this low amount coolant is subjected to overheating. Because of the fact that the spinning rate of the water pump decreases fairly. Therefore, check the level of the coolant by looking the level at the coolant reservoir. 

*Warning* : Do not open the lid of the coolant reservoir when the engine is hot.

Issue with Radiator fans

Various cars use multiple or variable speed radiator fans. Therefore, even if the radiator fans are running, they might be not running at the right speed.  The point to be kept in your mind is that, if your car hold two radiator fans, both of them must rotate at high speed when the A/C system in on. When the A/C is off and the vehicle is stopped, the car is subjected to overheating due to rise in engine coolant temperature. To avoid this condition, these radiator fans must rotate at high speeds. Issue with Radiator fans

Next we’ll discuss the issues that arises when the car running at high speed.

Failed head gasket 

Gaskets are considered as one of the important parts in a vehicle. The main role of the gasket is to prevent unwanted coolant entering a cylinder or the oil supply which is considered as a recipe for disaster. When the gasket fails between a coolant passage and a cylinder, it results in the overheating of the vehicle. This condition arises as the engine forces exhaust gas into the coolant. The temperature thus raised cannot be even lowered by the coolant.

Failed viscous clutch 

The function of a viscous clutch is to make mechanically driven radiator fan to free-wheel at highway speeds. The problem arises when the functioning of the clutch fails. That is, while the clutch fails, the radiator fan rotates with the engine speed which is slow as compared to that of the air coming through the radiator.

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