In this read let’s try to understand the type of scratches your car has. Each type has a different treatment and that should be done from the best place like Boby Auto Garage car paint repair in Dubai,so without much due, let’s go and find out which they are.

What are the different types of car scratches?

Scratches range from barely noticeable to deep or in expert shade, they are differentiated into 3 types. They are clear coat scratches, primer level scratches and deep paint scratches.

How to get rid off from scratches

There are different scratch removal treatments depending on the severity level such as if there are some minor scratches, you can remove them at home using various methods which we will discuss soon, but if the damage is too deep then you should go for various car scratch repairs. kit or body shop work. Here are some common methods for removing scratches from a car.

Rubbing compound

A simple scratch at the surface level can be judged with the fingernail. If your nail cannot catch it, you can remove it with a special rubbing compound. This is done by first washing the affected area properly with soapy water and then wiping it with a microfiber cloth.

Now with a polishing pad, a small amount of rubbing compound is applied. The compound is aggressively rubbed into the scratched area in a circular motion with little pressure applied. The goal is to remove some of the streaky clear coat. The whole process is repeated over and over again. Finally, the area is washed and air dried.

Car Scratch Repair Kit

A store bought scratch repair kit can also be used to remove minor scratches. The kit contains a polishing pad and a scratch removal solution. The surface is washed first so that no dust or dirt remains on the surface. The surface is then dried with a microfiber cloth. A small amount of solution is rubbed onto the surface with the polishing pad.

The excess is wiped off and allowed to cure. There have been conflicting opinions on using a scratch removal kit that users may not report decent results or results only for very minor scratches

Professional paint / dent for deep scratches

There is no replacement for a professional dent paint job. Removing scratches from your car by dent paint experts like Boby Auto Garage will ensure perfect results with a showroom finish. Here is a short excerpt. The professional begins by washing the car thoroughly to remove any contaminants and debris.

Using sandpaper, the professional removes excess paint from the area and until the core of the scratch is visible. The paint removal movement should be done on the scratch side to avoid more scratches in the opposite direction.

These are some common way we are using here at Boby Auto Garage – #1 center for car paint repair in Dubai. We know you will definitely get interested in this. And don’t wait to see your car go back to normal with us !!!