Painting & Polishing

Even the diamond loses its luster as time acts on it, then how can a car be left behind. Time, seasons, dust, traffic, extreme climates all take a toll on your car’s look and feel. The glazing can become dim and you may just start to wonder what the car’s old now. But we would suggest that you think again. How long its been since you gave a nice polishing to your car. The external looks count as much as internal machinery. In fact, we at Boby think the outside look inspires you to care for the internal so it is the first thing to care for.

A traditional car scratch repair would have been an expensive affair. Not anymore. The reason is that traditional approaches all focussed on bodywork replacement and they usually come in sets of expensive pairs. At Boby Garage we use the finest technologies that let us work on the affected part alone. It requires no body replacement and when it comes to time we are super-efficient.

Boby Auto Garage provides the highest quality auto body painting services. Our highly qualified and trained technicians perform their magic on your car and make it look like brand new! Periodic polishing will reduce corrosion and make the paint last longer. We stand behind the quality of our painting and polishing services by providing a guarantee on all our work. So bring your car to us, to maintain the new look every day.

Remember: “A car of beauty is a joy forever.”

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