The engine is the heart of a vehicle and a bad heart means bad news to your car’s life. So take care of your engine and the car takes care of itself. We at Boby Auto Garage ensure that these engine services are carried out as per your needs. Because we understand the pivotal role of an engine in keeping all the other parts of your car safe and working.

We don’t just fix the existing problem but also wholly inspect the car for any other concealed problems and our technicians just know where to look for when sorting out engine trouble. Our engine service involves all the essential service specialties and tests. We conduct extensive tests like oil changes, belts replacement, spark plug replacement, injectors servicing, radiator replacement, coolant leaks testing and repairs up to overhauling of an engine completely.

From your side always keep your senses high to detect early signs of engine complaints. The new sensor-based cars have an effective warning system that alerts you. It’s called the “check engine” flashlight. We offer you everything that an engine service and repair needs. Starting from emissions diagnostics to repairs, replacement of parts to the maintenance of the engine, our experts are always ready.

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