ODO Meter & RPM Meter

The two meters ODOmeter and RPM meter or tachometer – as it was called earlier – are something we all associate with vehicles as kids. It always gave us the sign of some internal life in a vehicle manifesting as outward meter movements. The reality is also not much different.
ODOmeters and fuel gauges are what we glance at most during our drives. RPM meter is also an indicator of internal working. RPM meter tells us how many revolutions per minute our engine is doing. A capable mechanic can diagnose your car’s problem just by observing the engine RPM reading at running, constant speed and at rest. In another way, these two meters are the pulse of your vehicles and are crucial in preventing future severe damages to your car.
Nowadays vehicles come fitted with a digital ODO (Speedo) meter with a speed sensor instead of a Speedo cable mechanism. Various complaints occur in the Speedometer reading at times high or low. With sensor calibration, it can be readjusted to its original reading. RPM meter malfunction can also be repaired.
Boby Auto Garage is here to give you the best servicing in your essential meters and houses the state of the art tools to take your vehicle to its pristine form.

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