Other Parts

While the above services are essential, a car is much more complex machinery. Even a small screw missing can create havoc that goes on like a chain reaction spreading to other areas in time. So, Boby Auto Garage as your complete Car Service Center in Dubai also takes special care in the periodic maintenance of the below parts like:

The exhaust system is the very thrust giving mechanism and has an environmental role as well. Hoses work along with a belt to keep your vehicle moving and if damaged can have a direct impact on the engine. Lights, wheel and door mechanism forms the aesthetic utilities that add style and extra advantage to your vehicle. For example, a wheel that has alloy is better in strength than normal ones; an automatic door system makes it easier for you to control the four glasses and locks with a centralized touch.

Wiper blades, steering fluid, etc are the primary elements in making your driving experience great joy. Boby auto garage has experts who care for cars like a dear friend. They are not only skilled in the above list of maintenance manual but any issue you have. Just drive in for a quick look and our technicians will do it for you.

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