Starter Motor

It is a starter motor that kick starts your engine’s combustion cycle when you press the ignition button. And a driver needs to know that a significant amount of power is drawn from your batteries when the starter motor comes to life. Thus, a starter motor needs proper looking after and frequent checking. A starting failure often happens due to the starter motors stalling.

Often when you turn your ignition or push it, there is a noise, like a childish car refusing to start. It is a sign of battery and starter motor trouble. And when it happens, we suggest that you never take a risk. Because this may lead to a stranding situation later on. Treat the car at the onset of a symptom, that’s what experts at Boby Auto Garage suggest you.

A faulty starter motor also means engine trouble for you. Since a starter motor is basically a DC current motor working on the battery’s power & having many parts like carbon brushes, bearings, bushes, armature, Clutch and Pinion, solenoid switch, etc, it too needs regular caring for. As the vehicle runs more, these parts experience wear & tear causing faulty operation. At Boby Garage we keep, service and maintain Stepney starter motors to instantly fix your immediate need. Our experts then try to repair or replace these parts in your original motor and bring it back to its original condition.

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