Tire Installation

Tires are the magical circles that take you to great distances. A great journey begins with good tires. And it can end with a poorly installed tire. The very safety, balance, and control of your car is dependent on tires. Installing tires the right way is of utmost importance as steering wheels can offer you control only till the steering knuckle. Beyond which any irregularity is beyond the driver’s control.

At Boby Auto Garage, everything is handled spot on. Tire maintenance service such as tire replacement, balancing, alignment, and nitrogen filling is also available. Our technicians handle all the possible cases that can come in the life-cycle of your wheels. From filling nitrogen air at the right pressure to finely balancing the wheels follow your instincts. Nothing is beyond our expertise.

Keep your tires checked for wear and tear. Maintain the apt tire pressures and whenever you need us, remember we are ready to serve you. We value your time as dearly as your car.

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