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Hello everyone, I hope you start practicing the points we shared with you in a previous blog about car paint repair. Shock absorbers play an important role when it comes to the comfort of your vehicle. So, Boby Garage is #1 car repair and maintenance Dubai.


What are the shocks and struts?

Part of the confusion about shocks and struts comes from the fact that they have a similar purpose. Both parts are useful in reducing the movement of the spring and preventing excessive bounce. They are the keys to a safe and comfortable driving experience. However, each part is different and cannot be used in place of the other.


The strut is the structural part of the suspension and steering systems. It holds the coil spring of the vehicle and is the part that adjusts the angles during a deployment. This is one reason why strut replacements usually cost more than shock replacements because they need to be deployed at the same time.


In its form, a shock absorber resembles a hydraulic pump in terms of design and operational principles. When a vehicle travels on bumpy road surfaces, the fluid flow in the shock absorber helps to convert vibrations into other forms of energy, thus facilitating smooth travel. 

By constantly contacting the tires with the road surface, even with bumpy patches, shock absorbers help drivers stay in control of their vehicles. Failure of shock absorbers can lead to some unnecessary situations while on the road and, therefore, a professional should look or replace them where necessary. Here are some reasons why one of our automotive experts at Complete Car Care should check your car’s shock absorbers.


If the wear on your tires is uneven, the failure of shock absorbers can be to blame. As mentioned before, shock absorbers are for your car’s tires to be in constant contact with the ground; Over time, these critical components may begin to fail, leading to uneven contact between the tire and the road surface.


By absorbing impacts, bumps and other vibrations from the tires due to imperfection on the road surface, shock absorbers provide a smooth and comfortable ride for all employees of a vehicle. If the majority of these vibrations are felt by employees in your car, it may be time to check out a Pro Inspected Shock Absorbers.


Since shock absorbers have a significant role in keeping your car’s tires in contact with the road surface, they also influence the stability and braking distance of the car. Shock absorbers can be blamed for failure if you take too long to stop your vehicle or become uncontrollably every time you go in one direction. 

Shock absorbers may be damaged after your car has fallen into a large pit or jumped on the road; These components will begin to leak hydraulic fluid over time. Checking them out before winter hits can help you prepare well for this challenging period of driving.


The Best car repair and maintenance DubaiBoby Garage, can inspect, and replace where necessary, your car’s shock absorbers, as well as the entire suspension system, including wishbones coil springs and bushes to ensure that everything is in perfect working condition as winter approaches.