Car Paint Repair Dubai

Hello everyone, I believe you start practicing the points we share with you in the previous blog about a car repair. Boby Auto Garage, No.1 center for car paint repair in Dubai.

When your car first moved off the assembly line its paint job was immaculate, with a bright finish comprised of the number of layers of primer and paint.  If you’ve been in an accident recently that required crash repairs when you picked it up from the body shop your vehicle’s paint also looked new.

But unfortunately, there are several things that cars are shown to daily that dry, fade and otherwise damage your once pristine paint job.

Here are daily things that can damage your car paint, along with information from Boby Auto Garage pros on how best to protect your vehicle’s valued finish.

Bird Droppings

Have you noticed the birds dropping in the car when you go out somewhere? In addition to being unsightly, bird droppings contain traces of acidic berries, And the paint on your car is likely to fade and scratch.  Professional auto detailers prescribe promptly using a soft microfiber cloth wetted with spray wash to gently wipe away the droppings while employing a lifting action to prevent grit-induced scratching.

Improper Washing and Drying

Washing and drying your car wrongly is one of the most common causes of car scratches. Your car’s paint is much more delicate than you had thought and can become scratched very easily.

If you don’t use a usual method when washing your car, dirt can become trapped onto your sponge, scratching the paint.

Additionally, using the wrong materials, such as an old cloth as a wash rag, will damage your paint immensely by filling it with scratches.

Fuel stains

Petrol, Diesel, engine oil or brake fluid can cause lasting car body damage if they come in contact with the paintwork, usually causing it to peel. If you do get a spillage whilst refueling or happen to leak, wash your car completely as soon as possible to protect the paintwork.

Car Accidents

This is the most obvious cause of car scratches because you can’t get into a car accident without being left with many of them.

They are caused by the car’s surface contact with a solid object, such as another car. These scratches are usually concentrated in the area of impact and extend deep into the paint.

Scratches from a car accident typically must be fixed by an expert along with the other damage.

Rocks and Road Debris

Scratches and chips on cars are generally caused by rocks and road debris.

Rock chips occur when pebbles and stones are launched into the air by another car, then hitting your car and leaving damage.

Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to prevent this.

Flying rocks are not the only way your car can become scratched while driving, as road debris can also damage your paint.

Summer Weather

Unfortunately, it is not just winter weather that can cause car body damage, if your car is revealed to the sun for a long time then this can also cause the car paintwork to fade. The best method to avoid this is to keep your car under cover or in a garage if possible.

Don’t worry if your car paint gets damaged

Your car’s paint is also exposed to other everyday things like rocks, eggs, tar, air pollution, gasoline, and human skin.  To safeguard your car’s finish from fading or dulling you should wash it usually and also wax it at least annually with a high-quality, carnauba-based paste.

Boby Auto Garage experts know about paint-damaging factors and how to prevent them from ruining your vehicle’s finish. When you need some good paint care tips or auto body painting done, contact Boby Auto Garage – is leading car paint repair in Dubai.