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So, in this read, we’re back with a fresh topic –

Tips for maintaining your car AC. 

This read is not only for the owners of the car but also for the person in the field of auto car maintenance. If you’ve any suggestions or queries feel free to comment. 

Usage of AC on a regular basis –

Yes, it’s a fact that you should consider using the AC on a regular basis. Even if the climate is cold outside it’s always a good practice you run you AC every week for at least 10mins. 

  • Turn it to the highest fan with the coldest settings. 

By doing this it helps in the maintenance of the air pressure & helps the compressor working properly. Always ensure that you carry this throughout the year & on every single week. It’s a healthy practice. 

Servicing at regular intervals from the professionals – 

As most of us know the fact that the system needs to be recharged in every 2 years of duration. And, with the help of professionals, you can get things done with utmost precision & care. 

Why need to consult a professional? 

Professionals will help with the to tune-up for the air conditioning system,  refresh the gas & also get the moving parts lubricated to ensure that they’re working properly.  

Air Filters need to be cleaned –

We know that the air filters are located behind the glove box of the vehicle for most of the vehicle & this box easily comes out. 

Here’s how things need to be carried out- 

  • Once the glovebox comes out search for the encasement for the filter. 
  • Remove it can shake it well so that the dust & the remains come out. 
  • The filter needs to be washed with water & might need a replacement. 
  • Also, make sure that the filter is dry before replacing it. 

The filter also offers options for upgrading so that they are more efficient at cleaning the air circulating through the vehicle.

Boby Auto Garage hopes that the read was helpful for you to understand some of the basics about car AC maintenance. We’ll be posting more reads on many other topics. related to the well-being of your vehicle 

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