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Regular maintenance is the key to maintain the freshness of your Car. Boby Auto Garage, the #1 Car Service Center in Dubai suggests three methods that you can do at home.

Using Auto Specialty Shampoo

The car is a very dear possession for many of us and we can never bear a dent in its surface. While scratch prevention is taken care of, it is equally important to keep your car clean and in good repair.

Most of us use water and other cleaning agents without our knowledge and this can damage the exterior paint of the car. Therefore, it is a good idea to use car shampoos or use the services of car polish manufacturers in Delhi. The benefits of using car cleaning shampoo are many.

Car shampoos used are always guaranteed to retain your vehicle’s paint. Since they are specially formulated for cleaning vehicles, there is no need to worry about long-term effects such as peeling or dulling of paint.

However, read the label, which lists all the chemicals used in car shampoo, whether or not it offers a guarantee to protect your car’s paint. Most of the best car cleaning shampoos are branded and designed in a way that offers a guarantee of car paint retention.

Using Wax

Paste wax is the most effective and lasts the longest, but it also takes the most effort to apply. Liquid wax is easier to apply and lasts a while, but it can be easy to apply too much. Spray wax is by far the easiest to apply, but it doesn’t last very long. No matter your preferred method is, you have to go through this process at least twice a month.

Applying Shiner

The shine on the car after cleaning has always been a priority for car owners and for good reason. Regardless of what you know about car cleaning products, specialty car shampoos have specific ingredients that add a deeper shine to your car.

Shiners clean the car thoroughly and leave a shiny appearance. Some people rely on hair cleansing shampoos and expect the shine of the car’s surface to shine. This is not only an implausible result, but it is also very damaging to the car paint. Undoubtedly, higher quality and branded shiners will deliver the desired results and give your car a brighter coat that makes it look as new as possible.

In this scenario, these are the three methods that you can do easily before you hit a good Car Service Center in Dubai like Boby Auto Garage.