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Hello guys, Boby Auto Garage – one of the best brakes and suspension service Dubai is back to you with yet another blog.  The care that every vehicle owners should give to car brakes – Perfect time to replace your brakes. Your vehicle is designed to pass through different and certain conditions like weather or terrains.  

Braking is the most crucial and essential part of your vehicles. so, it’s important to take care of your cars braking systems with the utmost care by servicing them regularly. 

Well, in this blog we can check out the factors whether it is time to replace your brakes.

Before going deep into the car braking systems, let us have a small intro about the working principle of brakes. 

How does the braking system work?

Functionally, a break can be termed as a mechanical device that is used for slowing or stopping a moving vehicle, wheel or axle. Technically – to prevent the motion by absorbing the energy from a moving system most commonly accomplished by means of applying friction.

The braking system has highly evolved through past years with lots more features and fewer complications. In the automobile industry, the commonly used braking systems are hydraulic, frictional, pumping, electromagnetic, and servo. Among these, the electromagnetic braking is the latest and highly performing braking system in function. 

The Automobile industry is trying to provide the best functioning braking system to its customers. Have a look at the most common and frequently used techniques that can be seen in your car.

  • ABS ( Anti Lock Braking System) 
  • EBD ( Electronic Brake Distribution) 
  • BA ( Brake Assist)

An admirable braking system in a vehicle provides you with a greater range of confidence and peace of mind while driving them. As we told above, these brakes absorb the energy of the rotating tyres to stop them. Brakes absorb these energies from the rotating wheel through the application of friction. As a result of this friction and the heat generated – the brakes wear out. 

Do the whole brakes wear out.? No – the motion of the wheel is transferred into a rotating plate attached on the wheel –  either a Disc or a Drum. [see the image] Friction is applied to this disc or drum by means of a brake pad.


Drum Brake

Servicing of brakes are primarily depending upon the wear and tear of the brake pads and the volume of brake fluid in the master cylinder. Brakes should be serviced at certain time intervals depending on the distance covered and the application of usage.

What are brake pads?

Brake pads are the key part of the braking system that absorbs the energy from the moving disc or drum. A brake pad is situated next to the disc or drum. When mechanical pressure is received to these pads by means of applying brake pedals by the driver – friction between brake pads and discs occurs.

This results in absorbing the heat and energy from the rotating wheel. This process converts the kinetic energy of the car to thermal energy by use of ‘friction” leads to slowing or stopping of vehicles.

disc brakes and brake pads

Brake Pad with Disc Brake [centre]

What is a Master Cylinder.?

The master cylinder is another important part of your vehicle brake system. A master cylinder converts the mechanical force from the brake pedal into hydraulic pressure. 

When pressure is applied to the brake pedal, the piston insides the master cylinder moves forward and pushes the brake fluid ahead into the brake lines. Since the brake cylinder and brake lines are filled with brake fluids at high pressure, the piston acts as a solid channel and hence brake applied by the conjunction of brake pads.

What is Brake Fluid.?

The brake fluids are usually non – compressible liquids that are mainly used to transfer force into pressure. Brake fluids are commonly glycol-ether based, according to Wikipedia, mineral oil (Citroën/Rolls-Royce liquide hydraulique minéral (LHM)) and silicone-based (DOT 5) fluids are also used. These brake fluids have a life span and need to be checked at regular intervals. Also, check the accurate volume of brake fluids in vehicles from an authorized brake service Dubai as like from Boby Auto.

Brake Hoses & Lines

Brake hoses and lines are a steel line at the vehicle frame that carries fluid pressure from the Master Cylinder to the brake calliper and hence to brake pads. These brake hoses must be flex and riddle. They should move according to the suspension and also should keep its rigid character while brake fluids at high pressure pass through. 

When do brakes need to be serviced?

Every time while engaging with the vehicle brakes, it causes wear and tear on the brake pads and brake fluids. Over time this leads your brake pads to become thinner and thinner and they will get to the point at which they should be replaced. Let’s have a look at some major signs from your car check out the time to service your vehicle brakes.

Squealing Or Screeching Noises

Screeching noises can be the first indication that any driver notices while applying brakes. This sound occurs intentionally due to the presence of small – metallic shrimp indicator embedded in the brake pads. The purpose of this sound is to indicate to the driver that its the time to check the vehicle at a specialised brake and Suspension service centre for further inspection.

Size of the brake pad

Visually inspect the brake pads just in order to check the thickness while comparing to a new and fresh one. Have a look through the tire sprockets and visualise the thickness of the brake pad against the brake rotor. It the thickness of the pad is ¼ inch* of the normal, consider having an inspection from a professional brake service Dubai. [*less than 5 MM]

In case it’s been a long time since the last inspection one should definitely approach an auto garage.

Deep Metallic Grinding And Growling

This Sounding needs utmost attention. If you hear a deep and low noise sounding like rumbling growl of metal grinding. Here, not only the pads are worn out but the disc brakes, including the capillaries, are making contacts. This problem can cause higher damage to the braking systems. This sound should be considered to be highly dangerous because it has severe road safety issues. 

Indicator Lights 

Most of the most modern vehicles are pre-equipped with sensors at the brakes which provides efficient indications to the driver. These indicators can be spotted on the dashboard. One definitely needs to check the owner’s manual wether your vehicle comes equipped with the low pad warning system. If the light does come on, reach your nearest professional brake services like Boby Auto to turn the sensors off.

How Long Do Brake Pads Last?

The average brake pads will last up to 35,000 miles for a good driver. In normal conditions, the average life of brake pads is considered in a range of  30,000 – 35,000 miles. But this can vary from driver to driver and vehicle to vehicle. Like the terrain where the vehicle is passing through – such as in urban areas, heavy commuter traffic and off-road ridings etc. are the major factors affecting the life of brake pads.

Where to do Brake Service in Dubai?

The condition of the brake is the major part of safe driving. All brakes are made with the utmost care by the automotive highly considering the lives. So, it’s very important to take care of your brakes from a professional brake service Dubai such as Boby auto. If any troubles occur to your car, contact Boby auto garage – one of the most accepted Auto garages in Dubai