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In recent times we’ve noticed people in Dubai struggling to get the best car brake repair Dubai. People are posting comments & sending us messages asking where to go to get their car repaired.

Well, this read is all about taking care of your car brake systems & the reason why you should pay attention towards the safety of it. 

Also, by the end of this read, we’ll also help you understand why you should consider Body Garage when it comes to car brake repair Dubai. 

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Regular maintenance and repair of the brake is a must for car safety, the brake system is your best friend. It is essential to know the signs of brake failure so that you can repair them immediately to keep you and your passengers safe. Effective braking could be the difference between a serious accident and a smooth ride. If you face any of the problems we are mentioning below, you must need a brake repair.

A Soft Brake Pedal

If a brake pedal is very smooth meaning that when you press it takes more distance to press it for you to feel a response than when your brakes are new, your car’s brake pads are likely worn. However, it could also be a more serious problem with the brake system, such as low brake fluid or air in the brake lines.

Brakes squeak when applied

Your brakes are designed to screech to let you know the pads are being lowered. It is a small machine that creates a shrill noise, which stops when the brakes are applied. Be sure to take your car to a Car Brake Repair center in Dubai to have the problem fixed before it becomes a bigger problem.

The car drifts to one side when braking

If you hit the brakes and your car veers to one side of the road or the other, it probably means there is something wrong with the brake system. Common culprits include a collapsed brake hose, uneven brake pad wear, or impurities in the brake fluid. It is important to take the car to a mechanic immediately to diagnose the cause and repair it.

The car vibrates when the brakes are applied

If you start to feel shaking, vibrations, or other strange movements abnormal to the car when you apply the brakes, it is very likely that you have warped rotors, which is the part of the wheel where the brake pads grip to slow down your vehicle.

Howling or screeching when braking

When you apply the brakes and there is a howl or squeal, you probably have little or no brake pads left, causing the metal to grind to metal. If this is the case, you will likely need to replace your rotors or drums along with the pads to restore the system’s stopping power to factory condition.

Don’t delay in fixing your brakes.

If you feel something wrong with your brakes, immediately contact  a good center do Car Brake Repair in Dubai

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