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Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 the pandemic virus, we all are on a mission- to stay home and save the world. Yes, it’s a rare moment for each of us to stay at home in order to save the world. But it’s important to take a moment for your vehicles. Otherwise, this lockdown will break down your car! From the place of parking of the car to keeping your car key, everything should be noted.

First, Let’s have a look around at your car and their important components at risk.
Inner and outer components of your car are at risk when they are kept stationary for such a long period of time. When a car is parked outside location during this lockdown period – it should be protected with suitable coverings. Else the outer coating of paints have chances of losing its shinings due to the dirt, bird mess or – worse – rust. Remember, Always clean your car thoroughly before putting it under any sort of cover to prevent any stuck-on grime damaging the paintwork.

While parking a car, the parking location should be on a flat, levelled surface, which is harmless to the shock absorbers, wheels and also the breaks.

Now, we can check out the Internal components that are at higher risk for a long period of time.

  • Battery
  • Brakes and tyres
  • Oil and coolant
  • Fuel
  • Security


The battery is the main part of your car that gets complaints first. During these lockdown phases – if you aren’t driving your car for long periods of time the battery gets slowly discharged. These batteries are designed so as to continuously charge while driving. We are losing this phenomenon of continuous charging during these breakdowns.

Almost every electric systems in your car system utilise battery and its important to note; turn off all lights, fans and stereo on your car.

Brakes and tyres

As we had told above, one should place a car ideally on a flat surface. This not only helps your car from protecting the shock absorbers; but prevents the whole wheels from developing flat spots. Also. start your car at regular intervals and move further and lower in order to have changed in the wheel spot.

Also, we would recommend not to use hand brakes in on positions while idle for long times. One should always check out the brakes and brake pads since they corrode easily.

Oil and coolant

When keeping your car for so long, it’s better to change the engine oil before keeping so long. The used or activated engine oils might contains chemicals and additives which might cause damages to mechanical components over time. This might price in the overall performance of your vehicle. So, we recommend to swap out the old engine oil with some clean fluids.

The same principle is applicable for coolant, that should be replaced before storage. It’s also important to take in consideration that to start your car occasionally in order to circulate the engine oil throughout the engine.


Did you guys ever heard about the expiry date of any fuels.? But there is nothing to worry about in our modern cars unless the fuel stabilizer isn’t working perfectly. A decent fuel stabilizer can keep our fuels fresh up to a year. The brimming of fuel tanks are found out that it prevents a buildup of air and thus prolonged fuel life. Finally, after the time to drive your vehicle again, check out the fuel lines and seals.


Every car has a filter for filtering the air intake and also filter inside the exhaust system. If you are the owner of a diesel car, it’s likely to be fitted with a Diesel Particulate Filter DPF. This DPF is fitted in order to filter out harmful substances from the exhaust.
Normally these DPF get automatically cleansed by a regenerative process while the vehicle is in moving condition at above 2500 RPM for a long time. And so, it’s better not to use these DPF cars for very short distance during this time.


Car security is one among the most important points while in the lockdown period. Try to place your car inside the house premises in a fully locked well-lit area. Chances of thieves visits under cover of darkness cannot be negotiated. We can use in car security features to an extent in order to protect it from thieves.
The best way is to place your car fully locked inside your promises in a well-lit area.
Never Forget to Steer Lock your Car while leaving.
Switch on the Dashcam.
Car with keyless entry should care for the most. Keys should be placed a long distance from the place of parking, well away from any windows or the front door…

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